Welcome to “Deaf Sunshine“!! I know you’re wondering what and why the blog is named “Deaf Sunshine” and how can a sunshine be deaf. Haha, I’m laughing because I know you’re curious and want to get to the root of it. But did the name catch your attention? Obviously it did if you are reading this!

The purpose of Deaf Sunshine blog is to empower people from all walks of life. When we see a sunshine; it speaks volume to us through it’s beautiful color. It changes our mood and often times put a smile on our face. Deaf Sunshine came about of a young woman who is full of positive energy, her smile radiates among many to uplift their spirit. Many did not know that she have a hearing challenge, but it didn’t matter because her contagious personality attracted many who desired to be in her presence.

On this site you will find encouragements, advice, feedback, ideas, real life stories, etc to keep you entertained. This blog is culturally diverse and open-minded to various of opinions and ideas of those who comment.  This is a zero tolerance zone for racism, prejudice, disrespect to other peers, etc. Please treat and respect others how you want others to treat and respect you.

Again welcome to “Deaf Sunshine”!!!