Push Yourself

Good Afternoon all! As I was working on customizing my blog; I realized that it was so much work and time to put in creating a blog. I thought it would be simple like writing a thesis statement in college. Obviously I was wrong, it is so much more than that. I told myself I was going to master this blogging task. However, this morning, my 11 year old son asked me “Mom how is your blog going?” I responded “Well it’s going okay. I just have to work on it.” He then said “Mom hard work pays off and you will have followers” and proceeded to give me a hug and kiss on my cheek before resuming to his video games. I was blown away from what he just said to me let alone I didn’t have a conversation with him or any of my children about my upcoming blog. However, I did have multiply conversations with myself in the kitchen about the blog. LOL!! So just imagine my children listening without I being aware of the conversation I’m having with myself. Our children as well as any other children are always watching and listening even when we think they are not. With that being said, we need to be mindful of the things we say and do around them.

Have you ever put off a dream for so long that you don’t even think of it until some one brings it to your attention? Guess what? You are not the only one! Many people put off their dreams due to fear or just the mere thought of not believing in oneself or maybe battling depression. I’ve always put off my dreams because they scared me due to them being so big. I would get constant visions of them and they would blow me away each time. But my fear took over despite I being in different positions in my life to prep me to be able to do the task at hand. I was too comfortable in my last position that I did not want to do anything else, but just live life.  But truth of the matter was the fact I was not living life how I should be living life. I was just going with the flow “It is what it is”. God sure does have a way of making His presence known and to have your undivided attention. When I say He had stripped just about everything that was close to me, it was so painful. I had no choice, but to humble myself and ask for forgiveness for not being about His business. It took for me to realize that my weakness of not being able to hear well and my fear of rejection were the culprits of I not being able to move forward in my life. After coming across two scriptures that has helped me to accept myself, I vowed to never lower my standards for the benefit of some one else. Please review and meditate on the scriptures below if you are struggling with rejection and people thinking you are incompetent. Share it with someone who you think may benefit from it as well.

For those of you feeling rejected; remember you are ACCEPTED!!! Your validation does not come from man, it should come from God above. John 15:16 from the King James Version Bible states “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain; that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.”

Know that God loves you beyond your wildest dreams and deepest hurt no matter what you did. We all fall short of God’s glory, but we have the opportunity to repent to Him. If God didn’t love us, how would you think your life would be? I don’t even want to know the answer to that question, because I know for a fact I would not be writing this blog if it wasn’t for God’s grace and mercy to wake me up this morning, keeping my family and I safe and the whole nine yards. Well you may say your life is bitter and miserable causing you to be bitter and miserable. But is your life that way because you are holding onto past hurt? If you are then you need to let go and give it to God. Don’t let your hurt (molestation, abuse, domestic violence, failed marriage, incarceration, prostitution, mental health, weight issues, death of a love one, etc.) keep you bound. That’s too much power over you. Take time to acknowledge what is hurting you, let the emotions flow, because if you don’t then you will always be stuck in the phase of not experiencing the emotions in a positive way. It is very normal to experience your emotions the way you need to experience them as long as you are not a danger to yourself or others during the process.

It’s not a process that will happen overnight. It may take some weeks, months, years. It took me over 18 years to deal with my emotions. I was stuck in the phase of I being six years old, because I had experienced several traumatic life events such as I being molested in the home of my great aunt, my mother struggling with drug addiction, etc.  Shortly thereafter I was put into my first foster home at eight years old. I went to so much counseling while in foster care it didn’t do any good for me, because I didn’t let my emotions flow and I refused to address them. So many counselors wanted to diagnose me and put me on medication. I always stood my ground telling them in my exact words “There is nothing wrong with me. I just have a problem adjusting to every foster home I’ve been in!” Although I was battling with depression, I’ve never acknowledged it because I always told myself that’s not me and I can get over this little phase. Being a Social Worker has taught me a lot especially coming to terms with having a mental health diagnosis. I share with my clients all the time that having a mental health diagnosis is not a bad thing, it’s just that you have to look at life differently and to recognize the triggers and stressors. My aunt who is a LMSW once told me that people who have depression are the most creative person, because they don’t see life as being sad. They would do whatever they have to do to uplift and put a smile on a person’s face. I totally agree with her.

For those who think they are incapable of doing anything they set their mind onto; know that you are CAPABLE!! According to 2 Corinthians 3:5-6 from the King James Version Bible “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think anything as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God. Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.” It’s an awesome feeling to know that we are capable of doing the impossible for the word itself say “I’m Possible”! Push yourself and believe that you can do this!! As I said before your validation does not come from man, it should come from God!! God is the one who have the final say so. If a door that you wanted opened so bad is not opening; believe that God is saying “Not right now” or He is protecting you from it because of what it might do to you. But always pray for discernment and for God to show you the way. Life may be raining on your parade right now, but know that God will bring you a rainbow very soon before you know it!! Stay encouraged and uplifted. Remember to smile 🙂


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