Resistance, Sex

Meet Denise Flippen A True Warrior For The Kingdom!

Ms. Denise Flippen is an awesome woman of God who speaks on the battle of facing sexual desires. Listen to the music and click on her link to read the rest of her blog titled “God Will Fight For You”! It’s a very powerful message! It is a battle to train your flesh to not give into your sexual desires, because of the modern world that considers it as a norm when it’s not. Relationships should not be based on sex, because it doesn’t leads to marriage! Enjoy! Please share your thoughts and advice on how one can train their sexual desires!!

I met a guy and He seemed pretty cool, we exchanged numbers and shortly after engaged in a pretty interesting conversation. While communicating about our past, goals and obstacles, he questioned why I was single, implying that I should already be taken. I answered letting him know that I desired marriage to a man that…

via God Will Fight For You! — livingoutvictorieseveryday


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