American Sign Language

Learn American Sign Language

This video will show you how to do the first five letters of the alphabet in sign language along with five additional signs. Do you have a family member or a friend that is deaf or hard of hearing, speech delayed, blind? For those who are blind; when you sign, you have to put your hand in their hands so they can touch and feel the sign your are signing. Do you want to communicate better instead of writing everything on paper? Then this video is for you.

I will be teaching signs in a video every other day so there are times to practice the signs. Please share with others and teach them how to sign as well. It is a unique language. Just imagine sitting in a room of a 100 people and you sign to a friend across the room without having to slip a note or figure out a way to get a message to them. It’s awesome and no one have to understand what y’all are talking about unless they join in a conversation with you signing which is even more unique. The conversation gets more interesting. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. Enjoy!


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