Family, Reflection

Just writing what comes to mind 🙄

Dear Diary,

Today was a good and productive day. It was real busy from the time I had got up this morning to cook breakfast for my children. From there we cleaned up the apartment and got dressed. I dropped my two children off at their destinations and took my other two children to a family member house to celebrate a younger cousin coming back home to live with her mother full time.

It was a huge celebration. I was the only one from my grandmother’s clan to support her younger sister’s clan. It was good to be around family and it made me feel good. Family time is something I treasure dearly because I love to capture those special moments. I am able to take those moments and create scrapbooks full of precious memories. Not only I’m able to do scrapbooks, I am able to put together the family tree. It was an awesome project I had completed years back. However the family treee continues to grow as new generations are born. I have yet to update the changes.

Today was also the day I faced my perpetrator at this family member’s gathering. Did it affect my mood? Nope!! Why? Because I’ve already forgiven him years back when I was piecing the puzzles together to help myself heal. He never apologized. It was awkward at first when he had his arms out for a hug because he was giving everyone a hug. I gave him a hug back but kept it very brief. Anyhow, for me to be able to do that let’s me know I’m much stronger than I ever was back then. Kudos to me for all the hard work I put forth in wanting to heal and overcome my childhood past!! 🙌🏽

So much has been on my mind lately such as taking the necessary steps to obtain passports for my children and I so that we can travel. I’m definitely leaning towards learning how to trade and investing in stocks and shares. I just don’t like numbers 🙄 Math and science used to be my favorite subjects but I took so much of it in high school for the biochemistry major that I was tired of seeing numbers. Lol 😂I changed my major once I got in college and next thing I know I love to write. 💖

When I’m really focused, I could write a 25-30 page research paper in two days. My best writings come from when I’m under intense pressure but for some reason I love it. I brainstorm all kinds of things whenever I have a deadline to meet. However, I cannot stand procrastination!! That usually occurs when I keep putting off my assignments due to being bored with it or if it looks like it’s going to be too much work.

The rewards are greater when you do the work and it’s the best feeling to have!

In closing, I thought about my mother today how much I miss her dearly. But sitting around family and hearing them laugh reminded me of how she was always laughing. I’m just waiting on her to visit me in a dream for us to have a good time. She visited me briefly a month after she passed in which I was hugging her refusing to let her go. Other days I would ask Allah if he could let my mother visit me. I wished those visits could be granted every time we asked for them. If that was possible I would ask for a visit everyday. Lol 😂

Have a good night all. Remember to believe in yourself before anything else. Anyone can tell you that they believe in you but what good would it do if you don’t believe in “YOU”! I’m a work in progress. I have dreams that are too big that it scares me like “WOW” I came up with this idea/solution. One thing I learned as of now is that no one would have the same vision as you! Why? Because “your vision” is your voice no one else’s and be careful of people who wants to be in your spotlight without bringing anything to the table!!

Good night!!


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