Loyalty not appreciated? It’s time you walk away from the table!

Loyalty is very rare to come across among people you associate with. Everyone wants to be able to find someone they can confide in. It’s a matter of building trustworthy relationships. Nowadays people who you thought had your best interest at heart are usually the ones who are around you for their own personal gains. It maybe hard to believe especially if it’s someone who you’ve known for years and trusted with your secrets. It don’t necessarily have to be a relationship. It can be friendships and/or your job.

Have you ever find yourself constantly supporting everyone and their business endeavors? I’m always finding myself supporting and encouraging people on their business endeavors and accomplishments. However those same people forgot who had supported them along the way or to even remember what it felt like struggling to beat the odds. So just imagine asking them for a favor such as a simple advice and telling them about your idea, they brush you off. That is so disrespectful! I’m pretty sure your views would changed about them saying “they are only in for themselves”, but you know to never ask them for anything again. What is wrong with requesting advice or feedback? Anyhow those same people come to you needing you to do this and that because they know what you do will land them a wonderful opportunity. They know your work and how you take pride in your work whether it’s providing consulting services to them, writing a recommendation, overseeing additional staff, providing training to additional staff, providing mediation services and the list goes on.

You really have to ask yourself what are they bringing to the table? Are you tired of doing all the cooking and they only come to the table to eat then leave? I know I’m tired! Why? Because what I bring to the table are my precious jewels (rubies). I’m taking the time out of my busy schedule to devote my attention specifically to you and your needs. So to take that and run with it is not a good feeling at all. It leaves me unable to rejuvenate myself so I have to find ways to make up for that one way traffic. But if I’m giving you my rubies just out of nowhere it’s because I know you need it. I don’t have to worry about being rejuvenated because you respected the rubies and heed them. It’s a difference between heeding the rubies and ignoring them.

Truth of the matter be told; no one wants to see you get ahead of them or more successful than them. It’s very unfortunate that you have to look pass that and focus on achieving each of your milestones to reach your major success! It’s a great feeling to achieve that major success because it’s during that time you are able to recognize your strength, determination, discipline, dedication and most of all your worth!!

While on the road to success prepare yourself to expect people to not be there for you, to back out of the agreement, give you false promises, not doing any work that relates to the growth of the business and not making things easier for you like they used to before you decided to become an entrepreneur. Number one rule in business, do not hire friends and family! Why? Because they would expect you to cut them some slack if they not doing their job. When it comes to disciplinary actions, they feeling some type of way and next thing you know, y’all relationship is damaged. It can hurt your business a great deal! If you don’t think that will happen to you then reflect on this….if they didn’t support you while you were trying to get your business up and running or any other special events then why should they have the privilege to be a part of something you had created that has taken so much of your time? I don’t think so! Besides you don’t want what you work so hard to build to go down the drains!

People I used to hang with back in the day are not the people I talk to currently. People I used to kick it with a year or two ago are not the people I talk to currently. A lot has changed in my life from the time my mother had passed in May 2017 to I being laid off my job in Nov 2017 to the sudden death of my ex husband Jan 2018. I’ve been trying to grieve by keeping myself busy, but it backfired on me. I would find myself depressed, but I tell myself I’m just grieving. I dislike the fact I have to go thru this process in order to be prepared for my major comeback.

Striving to be an entrepreneur is a lonely path to go through. I wished I had a business mentor to guide me as I go through the process. You can forget about best friends because I honestly don’t believe I have one. It’s so hard to trust people these days that you really have to be careful around who you associate yourself with. You’ll see that a lot of folks are not on the same level as you or thinking goals like you. Have you ever noticed that no matter how positive you talk, they always got something negative to say even when you trying to show them something positive about their situation but they don’t look at it like that. It’s just negative, negative, negative blaming everyone for their problems and the stuff they are going through in their life. That’s when you have to make the decision to either be quiet let them vent or cut the conversation short. You not being rude at all. It’s just that you don’t have the tolerance to deal with the negativity especially when you have been on a journey to change your way of thinking to remain positive. Sometimes you just have to leave toxic people where they are so they can get their selves together. Be selfish with “YOU, your time, and energy” because you can’t get those back when time runs out!

If people only knew how deep your loyalty runs, they wouldn’t be taking advantage of you. They would support you like you’ve supported them. Don’t be ashamed that you got up from the table and walked away because they didn’t appreciate your loyalty and they wasn’t bringing anything to the table. Everything should be a two way street not a one way street. Have a good night!


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