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Parasites! Are they real?

I always thought parasites lived in animals. But little did I know that we all have parasites in our body. Yikes!! I never really paid attention to it until I was serious about changing my eating lifestyle to become a vegetarian.

While I was on the 30 day raw fruit and veggies diet I was doing some research on how to be a successful vegetarian. During the research I came across an article about live parasites being in our body. I was very intrigued in learning more about my inner body despite I being skeptical about this whole parasite matter. It really creeps me out especially if it’s really a live organism in my body. So to really find out if it was true, I had to do a lemon enema. A lemon enema is a solution consist of concentrated lemon juice and distilled water.

About four days after doing the lemon enema, I passed a parasite! I was so surprised and spooked like is this real!!! I was even taking pictures of it LOL! Reason being so I could share with my children and family that live parasites do exist in our body from the meat we eat. To actually see a parasite with my own eyes is what did it for me to leave meat alone for good and that included chicken and fish. I been stopped eating pork over 10 years ago, but every now and then I would eat red meat when I wanted a steak sub. I was always into turkey, chicken and seafood.

After sharing with my children about parasites, my younger children were on board with me to be a vegetarian. Yesssss!!! However, my oldest son is like he don’t care because he still wants to enjoy his meats. 😒 I told my fiancé and he’s like that is so disgusted but kept saying some parasites are good for our body. 👀 Oh no I wasn’t accepting of that because I wanted all parasites out of my body! So I asked him how was it good for us? He replied “Because they are able to destroy some toxins in our body.” I told him I don’t know about that and I will do some research on that, but in the mean time I’m not touching any meats!!

So what I decided to do was fill my freezer with vegan, plant-based, gluten free food. I also refilled my fridge with a lot more fruits and veggies. I made plant-based tacos and my children loved it!! I lost 20lbs in the process and I feel good about myself. I’ve been able to have more energy than ever as well as not to feel depressed like I used to be. I am loving the changes as well as to be aware/mindful of what I put inside my body.

I can’t wait until I schedule my doctor appointment to share with my Physician about my healthy lifestyle journey!! I’m doing a little workout to keep fit. I’ve joined a gym, but I have to manage my time when I can go to the gym and how long I could stay. This healthy lifestyle have many benefits!! It can eliminate and/or control chronic conditions! It’s not too late to start, but once you start I promise you it will be the best decision you’ve ever made in your life.

Here’s my healthy lifestyle tips below I’ve been doing thus far that works for me. You can try it or adjust as you go that works for you. Don’t beat yourself up because you messed up, just continue with your routine.

Healthy Lifestyle Eating 30 days prep.

Eliminate meat out your diet is the first thing to do. Any fruits and veggies you get from the store soak it in a pan of apple cider vinegar diluted with water for 20 mins. to remove the chemicals. I do mines for an hour.

If possible try to do a lemon enema twice a day every other day before 6pm. You can purchase the enema bag or the bottles (empty solution out of bottles) from Walgreens or any other store. If you do bottles you would need at least 6-7 bottles. Make sure you have a gallon of distilled water from stores. Fresh lemons or lemon juice to be able to put at least 4-5 drops in each bottle or twenty drops in the enema bag. It should be at least 2 liter of water in the bag. If you can’t get distilled water from the store which is no more than $1.30 a gallon then you can boil you some water. Whole Foods have distilled water for $1.17.

Make sure your chest is laying down on the floor and your rear butt is in the air, insert the tip in your rectum (make sure you are relaxing, it’s most important thing), squeeze the bottle or open valve to bag to let water come inside until you feel the pressure to expel your waste. Do this until your flow is transparent. When you are on the forth bottle or half way to the bag, rub your stomach clockwise to aid in removal of waste.

Breakfast – raw fruits( any kind of your choice), 2 handful of kale greens, 1 table spoon of ground flax seed, half of 16oz bottle of water (preferably distilled water or Poland spring) blend them all together and drink.

An hour or two after breakfast- have a bottled water, raw fruit and veggies as well as raw nuts. You can have salad too. You can also drink detox tea called Full Circle Market “Organic” and/or Digestive Health tea. I get them from Wegmans.

Lunch – choice of smoothie mixture just like from breakfast but add some veggies or you can have salad (must be spinach and spring mix as well as baby kale, you can add a little lettuce) with fruits and nuts. Bottled water and/or tea.

An hour or two after lunch – have a bottled water, raw fruit and veggies as well as raw nuts.

Dinner (must be before 8pm) – choice of smoothie mixture just like from breakfast but add some veggies or you can have salad (must be spinach and spring mix as well as baby kale, you can add a little lettuce) with fruits and nuts. Bottled water and/or tea.

An hour or two after dinner (before 8pm) – have a bottled water, raw fruit and veggies as well as raw nuts.

No eating after 8pm. You can drink water and/or tea after 8 pm just know that you will be getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom.

After 30 days of raw fruit and veggies, you can continue with the cycle but it don’t have to be raw, it can be cooked. It’s not recommended to fry or use the microwave. Try out vegan and plant based food. Wegmans have a good supply. You can still eat fish and chicken/turkey. That is totally up to you. Try your best to limit intake of process food. Look for food that are “Non GMO certified” as well as gluten free.

Enjoy healthy eating!! Research parasites if you don’t believe me or do the raw fruits and veggies for the first five days along with a lemon enema. You should be able to see for yourself. And when you do, ask yourself if you want to change your lifestyle or do you want more parasites in your intestines/colon.


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