Encouragement, Health, Reflection

Free Yourself

Ever have a long conversation with yourself about why life is the way it is or when you have to make multiple decisions? As for me I’m always having a long conversation with myself. I’ve learned to become my own best friend and to actually think for myself without having to rely on people’s inputs.

What good is it for someone to motivate you if you are not motivated yourself? Why should those who care about you waste their encouragement on you if you’re not encouraging yourself? For someone who is battling depression can be difficult because they need more than talks of encouragement. Someone needs to take their hand and get them out the house to do something fun whether it’s to the gym or out to the movies. People who are depressed don’t always show it, but you can always recognize the sign if you pay attention, because if not it goes right over your head.

I had so many people around me motivating and encouraging me, but for some it came with a favor they needed. Anyhow I wasn’t motivated myself although I was trying to get there just for the sake of my children. But I realized it was hurting me even more, because I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t something I wanted to do instead I felt like I was forced to make ends meet just for the sake of my children, but what about for me? Then it dawned on me that I haven’t been taking care of my mental health emotionally and physically. I was just going with the flow that this is life not actually knowing that I deserve to be happy, be free, and so much more. Then BOOM 💥 I took the initiative to conquer this frame of mind!! I put it in overdrive so I could tackle whatever negative thought that came to my mind!

For once I was able to motivate myself without needing anyone to motivate me. I’ve learned that you will not always be motivated. Instead you must always be disciplined. Lastly, I’ve learned to become my own cheerleader!! I felt so good to actually free myself from the toxic people that were in my life. Sometimes they can be the main ones draining the life out of you. You always wondered if there was life on the other side of the fence. I’m here to say that there is life on the other side of the fence! I’m not talking about thinking the grass is greener on the other side. I’m talking about taking that giant leap of faith to cross over that you had refused to do sooner because of fear!!!

I must say fear has kept me hostage for a long time!! It’s the main culprit of me being distracted and believing others that I could not be successful. First thing first change your way of thinking. Tell yourself YOU CAN every time a thought comes to your mind that you can’t do this and that! Secondly, eliminate toxic people in your life that stresses you out, speaks down to you, try to control you, anything that is not good for your mental health! Third, take a look around your apartment/house and ask yourself do it make you smile or dull. Your place should give you a sense of excitement and/or peace every time you walk in the door. If not then it’s time you change scenery such as the colors. Hang some exotic pictures. Experience the creative side of you! Lastly, exercise and change your eating lifestyle! Exercising release mood changing hormones that can make you feel good and gives you good energy. Start off with taking a walk in the neighborhood or during your lunch break for 15 minutes a day. You do not need to join the gym if you’re on a tight budget. The gym can be right in your home with YouTube. Have fun with it, don’t beat yourself up. All these suggestions contributes to you “Freeing Yourself”.

While you are in the process of “Freeing Yourself” you will look at life a whole new way with a different meaning. The projects you have on standby will hold a new meaning to you knowing that you can now accomplish them without feeling defeated. You will actually feel good while working on it.

Tell yourself you deserve to be happy! You deserve every good thing coming to you. Keep this in mind, whatever you think is what you attract. Think positive to attract positive energy! Treat and pamper yourself! Blast some music while you getting dressed to pump your adrenaline! Take control of YOU!! And challenge yourself on how you respond to any given situation! Sometimes you have to learn to not let things get to you, just let them be bygones.



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