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Finding Your Niche

Are many of you struggling to find your niche? Well guess what you are not alone! I’m still struggling to find my niche. I wear so many hats of being a wife, mother, Social Worker, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Blogger, Author, and the list goes on. But what is it that I really want to do that will have my attention at all times? What is it that I want to do that will excite me all the time? I really don’t know. Many say it’s probably my depression getting in the way of how I’m living life as if there isn’t anything to excite me or uplift me. They may be right or they could be wrong. Only I can figure that out and trust me I will. It’s just a matter of starting where.

I honestly don’t like how my mind just come up with so many creative ideas and solutions because it gets overwhelming sometimes. Don’t get me wrong I’m forever grateful how my mind works. But there are some days I just want to declutter my mind because it be in overdrive so much. Sometimes I would say to myself when an idea/solution pops up in my mind, “Yea that’s all good, but I’m not about to pursue that.” However, I would laugh only to find myself actually pursuing it. At times I felt it would be my fault that the world would not be able to function right or better because of my ability not willing to pursue for the better cause.

So with that being said, I need to get my projects off of the standstill mode. Instead of burning myself out to work on so many projects at one time, I can work on it one at a time. I always feel like I need to have some one work along beside me to make my journey easy. Nope!! That’s not going to work, because people don’t have the same desire as I as well as the commitment.

To you all trying to find your niche including myself, take it one day at a time. Live in the present moment instead of thinking so hard on how life is supposed to be. What’s the point of thinking about the future so much if you are not doing anything in the present moment? Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take to reach your goal. That’s what make life so fulfilling at times. We have to learn how to be grateful for what we have now even if it’s the small things. Because if we don’t then how do you expect to be grateful for the new blessings that are added to your life each day?

Many people think the grass is greener on the other side when all actuality it’s brown just covered with fake grass. We need to take a look at our own grass and put in the work to have it grown and look healthy green. Many of us don’t want to put in the work because it’s too time consuming, emotional, etc. But whatever your reasons are whether it’s true or not, it shouldn’t stop you from pursing your niche and the difficult process is temporarily. As my brother told me, “You have to learn how to battle and build at the same time.” That message was so profound to me because while we are building, we always have to battle. And when we are battling, we learn a lot about ourselves and how we battle. We may have to change up our battle plan to be able to claim the victory. There are some battles we may lose, but it doesn’t mean it’s not for us. It just mean that it’s not our time to take on that battle in other words we need more training to go through to be able to claim that battle. Battle plans are not just for one day and they don’t work on every single battle you face. Battle plans are done daily and it’s how you carry out your day as well as your mindset. For example, you may think about how you will have a good day tomorrow before you go to bed. You’ll come up with ways how to do things differently. That is a battle plan that you are drafting up for the next day. You pursue it and BAM💥 You had an awesome day!! The battle plan was successful but it may not be successful for other days. Your mindset at the time you drafting the plan to pursing it is what matters. It’s a vital part of the plan. My mindset is not totally in tune with trying out YouTube and Podcast, but many people recommends it. I rather just learn how each of them work then I can decide whether I want to come up with a battle plan to pursue one of them. Social media is overwhelming with the ever changing technology.

For me my battle plan to write an effective blog post, I have to take my hearing aid out my ear. I need for my ear to tune out the noise so my mind can take control. And when my mind takes control that’s when I write away. A peace of mind is a great thing to have and experience.

For all of you who are following me as well as reading my blogs, I need your help. Comment below or email directly. What would you like me to do more on the blog such as Sign Language, healthy lifestyle change, encouragement, etc. How often would you like me do a blog post whether it’s daily, weekly, biweekly. Your responses are greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!


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