Encouragement, Health, Reflection

Lift Yourself Up To The Most High

Have you ever felt the need to be “Who I Am” in this world? Well I came to tell you that something came up and I wouldn’t worry about it!!

You are your own individual person that was created out of pure love from the Most High. You may be questioning yourself why are you going through so much in your life. You are constantly telling yourself that you are not where you want to be. You keep trying to figure out what went wrong in your life. You keep thinking if you change careers, major in college, or who you date let alone who you consult in that things would be better. When you make that change, you find yourself back at square one or in a deeper depression.

I come to give you this message that the problem is not the environmental factors. The problem is you turning a blind eye to what you are struggling with inside. No matter how successful or unsuccessful you are, you can’t truly be happy if you don’t address yourself. Self medicating yourself won’t work, it’s only temporary relief causing you to be immune to your own self. It’s not good to be immune to yourself at all!! You are your own biggest problem and fear!!

There are some things you cannot do on your own to deal with your pain. No one and I mean no one can fill that void or wipe away your tears! The longer you keep holding yourself in, the more difficult life will be. All that smiling like everything is okay is being fake to yourself. Are you tired of being fake and suffering inside like it’s eating you up alive? Take that mask off and address your identity. I’m not saying it’s easy, but the process is worth it. Take it one day at a time as you peel each layer off you. Address your triggers. Sometimes you may not figure out what it is that is bothering you. That is a result of repressed memories that you had buried and blocked over years in the unconscious part of your brain. That is going to take some work to dig through but you will feel so relieved when you face it. Because it will no longer have control over you. You will feel so FREE!!

When you are FREE, everything else falls in place, you are able to function better, you are a better person. Positive vibes/energies will come upon you because they are so attracted to your positive energy of being FREE!! You cannot expect anyone to do the work for you, because they are not living your life. You have to put the work in and ask yourself how bad do you want it to be a better, stronger, complete and free spirit person!

During the process you will cry tremendously releasing all the pain. Forgive yourself and admit your mistakes. Remember while going through the fire, you will go through it fireproof and/or molded, it depends on how you let it affect you. In other words do you want it to teach you how to be wiser or do you want to be foolish and not heed the lesson? Learn to pray for yourself, that’s most important! We are too busy praying and interceding for people that we forget about ourselves. Take good care of yourself during the process and don’t be afraid to ask for help. God send us angels during our storms to keep us focus on what we need to learn during the process. It’s doesn’t hurt to see a counselor, because counselors are angels in disguise due to them seeing things that we can’t see.

Until next time stay encouraged and fight through the battle within yourself. You may have to do somethings you never thought you will have to do in order to break through the stubborn barrier (s) you have within yourself. I give my love 💖 and prayers 🙏🏽 to you!! You are not alone! I’m going through my fire 🔥 as I’m fasting. I’m learning to uplift myself to the Most High while peeling through repressed memories, emotions, and feelings!!


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