Reconnecting with or searching for someone from your past is not called networking. It’s you trying to figure out why y’all disconnected. Just know that some people are not meant to be in your life whether you accept it or not. Because they can hinder your success and your next level of progress in your life. With that being said, don’t figure out the disconnection just know you wouldn’t be where you at now! Even now you are disconnecting from many things as you go through your journey of maturity and bettering yourself. You’ll disconnect from old friends to connect with new friends who are for you! You’ll disconnect from your old environment to connect with the new environment for better opportunities. You’ll disconnect from your family to connect with those who are like a family to you. As you take a look around you, you see you have to DISCONNECT from so many things because your conscience is clear. You can see and you don’t want anything clouding up your conscience! Often times we don’t want to disconnect but trust and believe God will disconnect you from whatever so HE can take you to your higher dimension!! And when you are there, you are RE-CONNECTED to better and greater!!! #OpenYourEYES! #Disconnect4ABetterYou!


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