Journey of discovering

When you have a few people telling you that you should write a book….but truth of the matter is you stuck on a chapter therefore the book on pause while completing another project.

But most importantly I’m about to be in the midst of discovering some things that I don’t know about when I review these foster care records. Maybe it’ll shield some light on these repressed memories that I have no collection of. I feel as if I go through that part of my journey discovering the unknown, I’ll be free and will be able to write freely! Watch out now!

Don’t be afraid to take a trip to the unconscious part of your brain because you may discover why the brain chemistry was altered.

#TimeIsOfEssence #MultipleGifts #Road2RecoveryAndBetterSelf #DealWithYouSoYouCanBeProductive&Effective

#SearchTheTruth #UncoverTheLiesThatKeptYouBound


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