Encouragement, Health, Reflection

Mind, Spirit, and Body

Good morning Loves,

How are all of you feeling? It feels good to wake up this morning to be given another chance to make a difference in this world. There are many who have not woke up this morning and trust me they had plans for the next day. It’s important to live life as if the day was your last day. Get your affairs in order.

Take a moment to think about your mind, spirit, and body in that order. If possible write down what you think of each and/or what you would like to see/do differently.

The Mind: What do you think of your mind? Does the mind comes before the brain or does the brain comes before the mind? When we think, a part of our brain is activated whether unconsciously or consciously.

Have you ever hear the saying “You are what you think” or “If your mind is cluttered then your life is hectic”? Your mind is very important because it helps you how to live life. Without your mind how do you think you will be able to live? I wouldn’t know and I wouldn’t want anyone to make any decisions for me especially if they don’t have my best interest at heart.

Is your mind cluttered and/or filled with negativity? Here are some suggestions to de-clutter your mind;

– First and foremost love and accept yourself. You are YOU! Love all of YOU!

– Think positive.

– Speak to yourself nicely and be positive.

– Work on one project/task/gift at a time.

– Try your best to not procrastinate instead just breathe and know things will get done.

– Organize and work smart in other words assuring the task is complete.

Those were a few suggestions on how to de-clutter your mind. The key is to be organize and at peace with yourself. Learn to ignore what people may perceive you as because by the end of the day they are not you and you are not them. To de-clutter your mind and eliminating as much negativity thinking is a process, but it’s all worth it. Look at the mirror daily and say a few positive things about yourself. Make yourself feel good by dating your self and learning to have fun with yourself such as taking a run, dancing to some music, etc. Self-talk is very important because it is an effective survival skill. It changes the way you perceive your own self and you may be able to change some habit of yours through positive talking.

The Spirit: What do you think of your spirit/soul? How do you feel about the transferring or feeling of energies surrounding you? The spirit is the unconscious part of us in a human form within us. The spirit can pick up on negative frequencies that our mind cannot pick up on. However, the spirit will alert our mind and the mind alerts our brain to have our body react a certain way.

It’s very important to keep your spirit well fed through positivity. To feed it positivity, it must first starts with the mind. We must first change how we view ourselves. You have to speak life into your life. You have to believe and speak things into existence. When you tell yourself that you love you everyday, your spirit radiates the love it’s experiences from its host which is YOU! You have to love and respect yourself before anyone can do that to you and you to them. How can you expect anyone to love and respect you the way you want to be loved and respected if you don’t do it for yourself?

Take care of your spirit. Don’t starve it by being around someone with a negative spirit that can drain your spirit. Don’t let anyone tell you what is wrong with you. I came across a good statement from a friend. My friend said “People are so busy pointing out what’s wrong with you, because they can’t handle what’s right about you!” That statement was so profound that it spoke volumes. It’s the truth, when we are high in our spirits in other words good energies, people will try to bring your energy down to their level. Don’t fall for that. This led me to another statement from another friend that we should not let people pull us into their negative atmosphere instead we should pull them into our peace so they can feel what it is to have true peace.

Be very mindful of your spirit and listen to it if something is not right.

The Body: Often times we get caught up comparing our body to someone else body whether it’s from watching television, social media, or seeing some one out in the community. All thoughts comes to our mind such as wishing you were smaller, thick, have big or small boobs, big or small butt, calves or no calves, muscular or not, curly hair, straight hair and on and on.

How we feel and portray our body is based on how we feel inside (spirit) and how we think of it (mind). When we think and feel positive then we’ll take better care of our body. We’ll be mindful of what we are exposing our body to. If it’s something we don’t like about our body, we can change it whether it’s through losing weight, exercising, eating right and so much more. But it all starts with the mind. We have to be determined to make the change. You can want the change all you want, but you have to be determined!! You have to be willing to put in the work. It’s a process but ongoing. However, each level of accomplishment is an accomplishment in itself for the work you put in to achieve it.

When you take care of your mind and spirit, your body will follow suit. It is okay to have struggles. It’s a part of your journey and it’s motivation not to give up. I used to be a frequent emotional eater when I’m stressed out, but I’ve found ways to deal with the stress by working out and reading a good novel. And if I decide to eat, I can go in the fridge and indulge myself in some fruit. I’ve made it where there is seldom junk food in the house. With my new frame of mind on how to tackle the emotional eating issue; I had to fill my food pantry, fridge and freezer with health snacks and food. It works very well. Every now and then I may over eat a bag of chips. So I have to replace it with veggie chips. I tried it and it was delicious. It’s all about making change for yourself and how serious you are about the change.

In conclusion, take care of your mind then your spirit so your body can follow suit. Your skin will be glowing, your attitude is different, how you think is different and more positive. Trust me you will begin to radiate so much love and positive energy. Many people will become attracted to you because they want some of your energy to uplift their energy. Alright loves until next time continue to work on you and your number one ☝️ prize which is yourself! Tell yourself “You stay winning” and smile because you know you can make a difference in this world. 🤗


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