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As I’m sitting here thinking about my life and all that had transpired. I started to think about the book of Ruth. I was thinking of the character Naomi how her husband and sons had died. And when they had died, she was left with anything and life wasn’t getting any better. As a result of the famine she decided to go back to the land where she had journeyed from prior to the passing of her sons.

On her journey back to her homeland, one of her son’s wife named Ruth wanted to come with her. Ruth told Naomi she wanted to serve and believe in her God. After realizing that Ruth would not go anywhere else, Naomi decided to let her come along with her. Now fast forward to when they have been residing in the homeland for some time, they’ve been blessed. Ruth has listened to Naomi when it came to being favored by the Lord through work she had to do on top of being obedient. Naomi had faith in the Lord and believed all along that He would pour His favor among her and Ruth. As the Bible say in the book of James; Faith without work is dead. We can have all the faith in the world, but if we don’t do our part to put forth the work then it doesn’t mean anything. You will continue to get the same results due to not putting in the work.

I bring the story of Ruth up because I was thinking of my mother while I was cleaning up my house. I was thinking how she had been through so much in her life that she died depressed. I would constantly keep asking that question in my mind, “Lord you had promises made to her, myself, and my siblings, but why she’s not here to witness the accomplishments of her children? Lord why didn’t you give her a happy ending despite all that she’s been through in her life?” The questions just kept coming and coming and I was trying to find answers as I was cleaning up my house in a quiet mode.

Then the book of Ruth dawned on me and I’m thinking what does the book of Ruth have to do with what I was questioning about. The spirit took me further into thinking about Naomi and Ruth. The spirit broke down the concept to me so I could understand. When I was able to understand the concept I wanted to share on social media like Facebook, but the spirit Instructed me other wise to give the message on the blog. I’m tired with sleepy eyes but I’m determined to get the message out. I need to do my part as an obedient servant.

I related my mom to Naomi, because she’s been through so much in life. After her parents passed she didn’t think life was worth living although she had her children and grand children. She always wanted what’s best for her children. It wasn’t until two days before her unexpected death that she was crying uncontrollably because she was feeling so depressed. She didn’t think anyone loved her if not God because her promises hasn’t been fulfilled. She just wanted to be free from the pain and hurt.

Just like how Naomi had left the town to go to her homeland for a better life despite the fact she didn’t want to go back there because of what people will say and think of her. However, Naomi had Ruth to teach about whatever it was that she needed to be taught. So with my mom’s passing unexpectedly, she passed to a better life free of pain and hurt. However during her absence her children needed to be taught whatever it was they needed to learn. She couldn’t teach them of course, but I guaranteed that she intervened on our behalf.

When she was living, her children rarely accomplished anything because we were living through her. We were too comfortable. But when she passed it was a wake up call. We went through the process of grieving and some of us are still grieving. We had people in our lives to uplift, encourage us and so much more. Us siblings were “Ruth”. We were being obedient to what we had to be taught, had faith and put in the work. From there our blessings were flowing.

Somethings had to take place in order for us to get to the next chapter. And as far as promises, my mother’s promises were being fulfilled through her children despite the fact she’s not around physically to witness it. Although Naomi was able to stay around to witness the amazing blessing and fulfillment of a promise through Ruth, she knew she could trust God despite all the heartache she had went through. God had came through for her, for she was obedient to the Lord.

It was clear to me that it was necessary for my siblings and I to go through the process in order for us to reach our highest potentials. I don’t believe we would do it if she was still living. Speaking for myself, so much has happened in a good way since my mother passed. I’m able to be more productive and put my visions to work. I’ve been on my healing journey and it’s been amazing thus far. I’m actually living for myself and not for my mother. I wouldn’t think I would get this far in life if she was still alive.

I say all this to say that fulfillment of promises does happen, but not on our time. It’s when we least expect it, but equipped to handle the work we have to put into ourselves. Lastly, we may not be around to witness the promises God has lined up in our lives. Trust and believe that it will be fulfilled. Naomi’s promises were fulfilled through Ruth despite her husband and sons are not around to witness the blessing. That leads me to ” People may not go where you’re going”! Because if they are around, they’ll only hinder what you need to do prior to receiving your blessings.

Until next times loves; no matter what you go through always believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel even when it have to be passed down onto your children. Strengthen your faith by constantly speaking positive to yourself, in the atmosphere and to people. Positive energies will come to you at all times. It may get rough, but humble yourself and believe that the situation is only temporarily! Have a good night.💤😴


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