Encouragement, Reflection

Love Without Limits

Good Morning Loves,

It feels good to be able to wake up this morning and to be given another chance to make a difference in this world and someone else’s life.

Our Father we thank you for waking us up this morning. Thank you for keeping us safe and sound as we slept last night. Father we ask you to protect us and our family as we go about our day to do your Will. Continue to help us display your love as we interact with different kinds of people. Help us to ask ourselves what would You do if You were in a particular situation. May we give You grace in all that we do whether it’s to do our work, encourage someone, reading Your word, etc. Convict us when we may not intentionally realize that what we are doing may hurt another person. Open our eyes to see what needs to be done and how we can make it better. Open our ears to hear whenever there is an opportunity to share the gospel. Open our mouths to bring forth fruit/wisdom that will help someone along their journey. We thank You for the many blessings currently and in the future. Thank You for Your grace and mercy. In Jesus Name we pray Amen!

Yesterday as I was driving on Delaware Street from my children’s appointment, I saw a person who was sitting in a wheel chair, body turned to the side. The wheelchair looked as if it was stuck like the person must’ve gave up trying to get on the sidewalk safely. I drove passed the person, but my spirit said to go back. So I turned around the corner to come back to the person in the wheelchair. I parked my truck and told my children I be right back because I wanted to make sure someone was alright.

As I walked to the person, goosebumps came over me and I honestly wanted to go run back to my vehicle. As I approached closer, I kept saying “Excuse Me, Excuse me” hoping the person would respond, because I didn’t want to witness death at all let alone to be the one to call for emergency. I wouldn’t know how my mental state would handle that. The person which turns out to be a man moved a few times in the wheelchair and I asked was he alright. He responded he was fine. I said okay and walked back to my vehicle glad that the man was fine.

But when I got in the vehicle my oldest daughter asked me why the man was sleeping outside. I responded as I’m driving off that maybe he was homeless. She then said “Why didn’t you give him any money? You always give money to homeless people.” I was surprised that she had asked me the question. I told her I didn’t know why I didn’t think to give any money this time.

As I’m sitting here writing this I think back to all the times I’ve given money to strangers as well as giving them food when I was starving. I reflected on how my children would do the same thing. We would come off the e-way and they see someone standing, they automatically say “Mom roll down the window so I can give that person one of my dollars.” As a result, I see that my actions does not go unnoticed to my children. It’s an amazing feeling to see my children display the love of God among different kinds of people.

I write this blog to have one challenge itself if they are loving without limits. Do you display the love of Christ everywhere you go not just to your family or church family but to everyone? We have to remind ourselves that angels comes in all different forms whether we realize it or not. Even ourselves are angels to someone especially when we cross path with someone without realizing the purpose until the aftermath.

Lately I’ve been coming across so many people and I wouldn’t think nothing of it because I had my intention on one thing. For example, last weekend I was driving down Orleans street after dropping my children off at their grandmother’s house and I saw the sign “garage sale”. Normally I don’t go to garage sales especially with I being on a tight budget. I drove pass the house with the sign, but the Spirit instructed to go back. I stopped my vehicle and shift it into reverse and pulled up in front of the house. I got out and looked around at a few things.

I came across a very beautiful dress, but I wasn’t sure if I could fit it because I had lost weight. I grabbed the dress anyways and the lady seller yelled “The dress is $5!” I was pleased with the price because I had only $8 cash on me to my name. I went to purchase the dress and of course used the last $3 for the African soaps she had such as black soap.

To make a long story short, we had exchanged numbers and we talked. She hugged me and told me no matter what I do to always keep smiling. She said when you smile, your eyes smile. She shared with me about her hip replacement surgery and so forth. I shared with her about the importance of healthy eating and so forth. Then the next few days we saw each other again and she told me she thought of me while she was cleaning up. She said it was a reason why I came into her life during this time which was to give her a message. She said she received the message and hugged me as a way of showing her thanks. Amen!

Is it amazing how things work out and how God will use you as a vessel to get the message to someone? Also remember that we are the first line of contact when people interact with us. It is our opportunity to lead them to God. Give them a positive interaction so they may forever treasure how they came to know God! Praise Him! I know we all can remember our first experience when we decide to become believers in Christ.

Until next time stay encouraged and challenge yourself to love unconditionally as God Loves us unconditionally.



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