Encouragement, Reflection


Good Afternoon Loves,

How are each of you this afternoon? I hope you are doing better and being stronger with each passing day.

A lot of us have strongholds whether we realize it or not. What are strongholds? Stronghold is a combination of events built over years that make us think, believe, and act a certain way. It takes possession of our mind.

We may be in constant war with ourselves in our mind when it comes to facing a stronghold. The master of strongholds is the devil, our enemy. The devil’s strongest point is patience. The enemy is very clever and would take years to keep you feeling less of yourself. Of all the things that have transpired in your life, he takes little of each and let it build in your mind slowly to the point where it’s so big for you that you don’t know how to tackle it. Every time you tried to tackle it, you always seem to fail because it’s so strong. Maybe how you are tackling it is not the way to address your stronghold. You’ve got to come stronger and bold to beat it just as if you are in war. You would want to give your all and claim the victory!!

Ask yourself what are your strongholds. Why do you act the way you are? Is it because of how you were raised and exposed to during your childhood, teen years, etc? Did your parents always talk down on you? Were you bullied during your childhood and throughout? Where is the depression coming from? It could be many things, but you have to address it. Write it down on a paper or a journal. For each stronghold (I can never complete anything, I’m a failure, I’m ugly,etc) write down what made you feel that way (I was never encouraged, lack of attention from parents, people calling me ugly).

For each stronghold, tell yourself opposite of those things!! Yes it may be difficult at first, but you have to be ready to defeat it especially if you are tired of it having control over you!! It’s going to take some work and a whole lot of forgiveness. After you defeat your stronghold, you’ll feel so much different, relieved, and most of all you’ll just be yourself (a healed version of yourself).

When someone gives you their opinion(s) about whether or not you can do this and that or if you don’t have time because of what you got going on in your life..REBUKE THAT! You do not need another stronghold forming in your mind telling you, “You Can’t Do This!” When in fact You Can Do This!! You’ve already been equipped to breakdown your stronghold! Another thing we need to keep in mind is the things we say to people because it can add to the stronghold that is already built or slowly forming in their mind. Be careful how you treat people especially children for they are more susceptible to what people say to them. Those words said to them can be kept in their mind all the way through adulthood. We, ourselves are examples of things said to us and we carried it through childhood into our adulthood. We let it define us and here we are breaking down that stronghold.

Lastly, it’s okay to be lonely and feel alone. Keep in mind that we came in this world alone and we will leave this world alone. Being alone is not a bad thing, but that’s if you let it. An idle mind is the devil’s playground, but that’s if you let your mind be idle. Use your alone time wisely. Get focus and get things done that you know you wouldn’t be able to get done if you were distracted. Believe it or not, you perform at your best when you are alone because you are able to think more clearly. After all we are always talking about we need a peace of mind, but when we are given that we don’t take advantage of it. Be careful of what you ask for.

Stay encouraged and believe you will break down your stronghold!!



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