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Transformation of the mind

Good Afternoon,

I know it’s been a few days that has passed since the last post. I was in surgery, not medical surgery but spiritual surgery of the mind. I was undergoing a transformation of my mind. I’m currently still in recovery from the surgery.

During the surgery, my mind was being disciplined. I had to train my mind from it wandering and doing whatever it wants to do. I could never understand why my mind was so loud and full of thoughts yelling at each other when I’m trying to relax such as reading a book or cleaning up. It dawned on me that I let my mind do whatever it wants to do and not disciplining it to experience peace.

Also during the surgery there were some things that I had to address such as my way of thinking. We can all want to change our behaviors, but how can we if we don’t change our way of thinking. The Bible says right thinking leads to right behavior/action. So to change our behaviors effectively and to be sure to not fall victim to it again, we must change our way of thinking.

Here’s an example we all may be daydreaming of how we want our life to be and this may cause us to despise our current situation. We want a perfect man or woman that will blow us away with their edible charming characteristics. We want to show them off, but here we are despising our significant other because they are not what we expect them to be. Take a look deeper; if they help you out, have a good heart, etc then you need to change your way of thinking to get back to loving them when you first fell in love with them. The devil tricks us into thinking the grass is greener on the other side. He would tell us lies little at a time but not all at once. Rebuke him and make sure you take the time to water your own grass.

Take time to address your passivity (things that you don’t feel motivated in doing, you rather just leave it how it is). Passivity is dangerous for us and it is what the devil wants. We need to exercise our faith and our works just like how we need to exercise for a better health. It’s easy to not do anything and just sit around being depressed and expecting for things to be accomplished. Pray to God to help you address your passivity and push yourself to do it. Romans 8:26 says “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness”. I had to address my passivity in which I wanted to get back to leading a prayerful life, but I felt like I didn’t have the energy to do it. The enemy wants us to feel discouraged and depressed like something is wrong with us. Nothing is wrong with us, we just have to put the work in. In the book of James it says “Faith without work is dead” meaning that you have to have faith and do some work. God is not going to do everything, you have to meet Him halfway. All that matters to Him is your effort and He knows that you can do better and this is why He gives us the Holy Spirit to help us during the time when we are weak.

So to get back to my prayer life, I had to push myself to get up early to pray and meditate. I also had to tune out the noise I hear by taking out my hearing aid, because I will tell you my ears are nosey. And when they get to hearing, they send a signal to my brain causing my mind to think when it should be in a place of rest during prayer. With that being said, I don’t mind being hard of hearing because I can get some peaceful moments while it can be loud in the environment. But check this out when the enemy wants to go so hard to disrupt my peace while my hearing aid is out my ear; my ear would lean harder to hear sounds and I would hear them. Next thing you know I’m distracted, but I’ve learned to tell myself to ignore my ears and be focus during my moment of peace.

I pray and read the Word more throughout the day. I feel myself becoming stronger with each passing day as I’m fasting as well. When I feel myself thinking negatively and worrying, I replace it with good thoughts and say a short prayer. Having anxiety, worrying, etc are not good for it keeps us from doing what we are called to do. I’m learning to leave my phone alone at 9pm until about 7:30am just to check my email then until about 10am. Yes I am learning to limit my phone time, because it is a huge distraction for me as I’m used to having it in my hands all the time, because I don’t want to miss out on anything. That phone had too much control over me and I didn’t like that at all because it was another reason why I couldn’t get things done.

My mind has been improving on being in the rest of God in other words my mind has been calm. It hasn’t been wandering and when it tries to, I redirect it and pray a short prayer, “Lord please stop my mind from wandering. Please keep it in a place of rest and calming nature so I can get the needed work done. In Jesus Name Amen”.

In conclusion there are many benefits of having your mind in a place of rest and calming nature. Benefits includes: sleeping much better, less anxiety, more focus, good energy, to be at peace, etc. I love the fact that I can truly experience peace in the midst of a storm in my life. Speaking of peace, I reflected back on to Tuesday, October 2nd when I was driving to Pennsylvania with my children. It was raining so hard that I barely couldn’t see while on the thruway. The radio station and my phone kept saying “take shelter now, because of a tornado warning”. I was approximately 35 minutes away from my new house. I didn’t want to take shelter, I wanted to drive right through the hard rain. I remembered a scene from the Bible when Jesus and His disciples were on the ship and it was a raging storm. Jesus was sleep when the disciples had waken Him up. Jesus told the storm to stop and the storm stopped. Upon thinking of the scene, I immediately told the rain to “Stop” and said “Lord calm this rain down” twice. My youngest son looked at me as if I was crazy lol 😂, but the rain stopped and it was a smooth rest of the drive. I was at peace knowing that we will be home safely. I explained to my son about the scene of the Bible and how we needed to have faith and believe that it can be done.

People keep saying they want to see miracles like the ones in the Bible, but the truth of the matter is miracles lies within us. We are a miracle in itself when we undergo a transformation. That alone should suffice any other miracles we are bound to see because we are to see what God can do. You, yourself are the first miracle you witnessed! Always remember that. Until the next post, stay encouraged and I love you all. Remember the battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s!! You can do this and believe you CAN do this!!!



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