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Open Your Eyes

Hi Loves,

Thank Our Lord for waking us up this morning. So much has transpired within two weeks. I’ve been trying to make sense of so much that has been going on. But I will stop trying so hard to make sense of why things are transpiring.

I went to visit my hometown a week and half ago because I had to take care of some unfinished business. I actually thought going back to my hometown would be relaxing. Unfortunately I was wrong. I was so uncomfortable staying at people’s house that were unclean. Often time I wished I could’ve stayed at a hotel just to be away from everyone and have a peace of mind. But I didn’t have the funds. I wanted to get the last of my stuff from storage and just leave to go back home. My children were in the same boat as me. When it was time to go, we ended up leaving earlier than expected, because we were fed up and uncomfortable. When we got home we were so relieved and comfortable.

As I thought about how much I was tempted to cause me to fall back into my nature, but I sustained myself. I was proud of myself for standing my ground while I was visiting my hometown. I continued to read my Bible and prayed with my children no matter what anybody was doing. And while I was there it was so much depression and I never wanted to come back and let it consume me. I wanted to be far from that place. When I returned back to my new home, my whole mood changed and so did my children. I became happy, focused, be myself and encouraged. I realized that I have to leave people where they at especially when they don’t want to change or see that life can be better if they just stepped out on faith.

So today was my first day visiting a church that my daughter’s teacher had invited us to. My children and I felt so welcome. I was able to be myself and people respected me. I was able to establish a positive rapport with a few people. We all look forward to seeing each other again next week at church. Although I wasn’t in the congregation because of my busy toddler, I ended up being in the children’s nursery getting to know a lady who was also new to the church. We talked while our children entertained each other with toys. The conversation was so heartfelt. So I definitely will be in the nursery again next week Sunday.

The business endeavor is going well. I don’t want to have my nonprofit grand opening at my hometown but it’s such a high need for it there. I know I can expand it to my current state as I learn more and more of it. One thing for sure I noticed is that since I stepped out on faith, I’ve been blessed bountifully. I always thought if I hadn’t took that leap of faith, I wouldn’t be where I’m at now to become greater. But it was all fear. We have to learn how to crush our fear and let that light within us shine!

You have to tell yourself that fear has no place in your heart, mind, and soul! Fear is what keeps you from progressing. Fear is what keeps you from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Fear is your worst enemy! Fear is not of God! Fear is saying to yourself that you can’t do this and that, no matter the reason!

We all are not perfect. We all have our demons to battle. That’s why we seek salvation, mercy, and grace daily. It’s important to read the Bible to gain wisdom, sound mind and discernment. We may not understand what God is bringing us through, but who can be against us if God is for us!! Trust and believe that everything will work itself out for those who are called according to the purpose. God gives us visions and dreams to show us that we can get the work done as long as He is by our side. The Bible says we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!!

We may feel like we are weak or don’t qualify but yet God uses the ones who people see as weak. God don’t look at the outer appearance like man. The Bible says our weaknesses are made perfect in Him! In other words our weaknesses are our strength to reach out to others. And it’s one of the many reasons why we go through preparations of our weaknesses being strengthened! Amen!!

I leave this message with you all as well as for myself; Don’t give up! Keep pushing through, you are almost there to the promise land flowing with milk and honey!! Faith without work is dead!! Do some work and ask God to strengthen your faith!! I love you all!



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