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Holiday Self-Care

Good Morning Loves,

How are you this morning? How did you sleep last night?

I pray that you have a productive morning and that you will be able to accomplish something. I hope you slept well last night.

Today is the first day of November! Wow we are two months away from 2019. Time sure do be flying. November is the month of giving thanks although we give thanks to our Heavenly Father daily. November is also the beginning of many important holidays following Thanksgiving into December such as Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, Chanukah, etc followed by New Years. There are also many more holidays that we may not be aware of, but it’s important to learn of them because we are very diverse. Learning other cultures is a beautiful thing and very unique because it’s different from our own cultures. I take little of each culture that I’ve learned and create my own unique culture that is beneficial for my children and for them to pass it down onto their children. Technically all we doing is spreading LOVE! Think about it, LOVE is in every culture if not all holidays.

Holidays can be hard to enjoy especially if you’ve lost a loved one. It’s like holidays are not the same anymore without them. As for me I would cook a big dinner and invite my friends and biological family over to my house. I didn’t want anything in return, I just wanted quality time with family. I’ve felt so proud of myself when family and friends tell me the food is so good, they had a good time, etc. The atmosphere was so peaceful, everyone laughing and getting along. I miss those times. This holiday will be different because I’m in another state and my biological mother is deceased. It’s been a year and five months now. It’s not the same. I miss her laugh so much and the joy in making her laugh. Don’t take your family members for granted because once they are gone, they are gone.

As for my children, their father passed Jan of this year from diabetes complications, something that was preventable if he took himself to the doctor instead of working all the time. Always remember your health comes first before anything not your job. Your job and easily replace you when you quit, got fired, or if you had died. It’s not worth it to sacrifice your health.

This year will be the first for my children to not spend holidays with their dad. Yesterday they had a breakdown especially my daughter who had cried for 20 minutes straight. I was so lost for words and felt so helpless. What triggered their emotions was because I told them “No” they were not going trick or treating because we don’t celebrate Halloween and haven’t done so for years since they were younger. It boiled down to the fact that their dad used to take them trick or treating when they are with him. Of course he’ll do the opposite of what I teach the children. But that’s what happens when children are not raised in a two parent household. We used to be married, but that didn’t work out. I couldn’t be like all those other women who stayed in a marriage no matter what happened or how their spouse treated them. I couldn’t do it and I refused to live a life of sadness when I’ve already been through hell and back coming out of foster care.

What a coincidence how I came on this post to talk about obedience, but was directed to talk about holiday self-care. So you know I have to change the title to “Holiday Self-Care”. We all need self-care during this time as well as whenever we need it. Here are a few suggestions for self care:

  • Rest and relax if you have to (well you should)
  • Pray for strength, encouragement, guidance, courage, sound mind, wisdom, understanding, peace.
  • Think of positive thoughts. It’s okay to think of an incident that made you upset, but think how you could’ve handled it differently.
  • Look through pictures and let your emotions flow. It’s normal so don’t try to hold it back.
  • Write a letter to them about how much you miss and think of them. You can mail it off with no addressee just like how Will Smith did in the movie called “Collateral Beauty”. I’m going to watch that movie today just thinking of it.
  • Talk it out with family and friends of your loved ones. You be surprised at how much you will laugh and cry of good memories and not so good memories.
  • I know I said write a letter, but continue to write!! Write, write, write and let the emotions flow. It will help you.
  • Lastly but not the least, go for a walk, run, meditate, yoga. Make sure you up to par on your vitamin D, B-12, iron, etc because lack of those vitamins cause extreme fatigue, lack of sleep which all contributes to depression.

The photo above was sent to me so I thought to share it with you. I look forward to seeing my love ones again and I know you do too. I sure do wish heaven had a phone, because you know I’ll be calling everyday and probably would be on the phone for hours. We all have much living to do and accomplish before our time is up. You have to ask yourself if everything is in order for your children when you leave this earth. Are your wills completed? Do you have a life insurance policy for yourself and your children? Who will be control of your estates? It’s a lot to think about, but you do want to make sure your children are in good hands. If you don’t have children, who do you want to pass your wealth, estate down to?

Until the next post my Loves, stay encouraged, uplifted, safe and many blessings to you all! Do not waste your day, accomplish something, but most importantly LAUGH!!!



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