Encouragement, Faith

You Are Where You Belong!

Good Afternoon All,

How have each of you been since the last post I wrote? I hope all of you have been doing just fine and living your best life. I’m living my best life, but I know I can do better that’s for sure. It’s just a matter of balancing single parenting and building an empire. How is the weather treating you? Pennsylvania weather is treating me okay, it’s so cold. I look forward to those days of wearing shorts, flip flops, short sleeves, etc. I’m pretty sure you do too. I’m so glad I’m a summer baby (July).

Pennsylvania has been good to me in regards to providing me with the resources I need to bring my empire to fruition. I’m excited, but it’s so much work to do. Often times I wished I had a partner, but things could get complicated especially if someone does not know a lot about the foster care system. I know I’m capable of getting the work done, I just have to be skin deep and manage my time. I also need to prioritize my projects instead of doing so much at once. I really need to accept the fact I really can’t multi-task like how I used to when I was in my 20’s and with support. My support is extremely limited in Pennsylvania in regards to needing someone to watch my children while I go to meetings and so forth. But as far as everything else in regards to business, I have a huge support.

I do know I am exactly where I need to be at in regards to people helping me to bring the business to fruition. Some of them has done research for me of the community I’m currently in which is a huge help for me to be able to do my business plan. I’m excited about the fact I’m finding ways how to help assist the community I’m currently residing in.

I say this to say to never give up on yourself. The road maybe difficult, but there are people put in your life to help you accomplish your goals. Remember no goals are ever too big or too small. You want your dreams to be so big that it scares you. That is the dream you need to be working on and pushing yourself through. My dreams are huge and they do scare me. But I push myself through each day so that I am close to achieving my dreams. I know I can do it and it was meant for me to achieve it. As the saying goes; “If you can vision it then you can achieve it”. Always have faith and believe that things will happen for you.

Don’t consider yourself a failure. A failure is someone who never tried or just gave up trying. The goal is to keep trying until you find a solution. Always remember you learn a lot about yourself and when the assignment doesn’t go right. the lows are always a teaching moment for us to be able to get to the highs of accomplishments.

Stay encouraged, determined, and of sound mind when taking steps to accomplish your dreams.



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