Can I, Should I, or Would I?

Sitting here thinking what am I to do on this cold chilly icy day. Do I stare out the window admiring the snow that has covered both the trees and grass or do I just daydream of how my life would be if I had took the initiative to do something so spontaneous?

My mind just amazes me how it could think of so many things as well as to paint the picture of I living my grand life. I’m feeling so tired just thinking of him, my eyes are trying so hard to stay open, but it’s so difficult when you just want to dance to some music that makes you feel good.

“Joyce, Joyce! Girl you won’t believe what I got to tell you!” yelled my best friend, Christina. She’s more like my sister and would take something that I always wanted to do and bring it to fruition. It amazes me how she is so spontaneous and a risk taker. If I could just have her personality, I honestly believe my life would be so much more exciting to live. “Calm down, Christina! Please don’t let it be anything you did crazy, because I’m not up to no double dare. But then again I may take a note or two from you on how I can be spontaneous and daring!” I laughed. Joyce, you tripping, but let me tell you about an offer that you cannot deny. Kareem wants to meet up with you regarding your project that you’re currently working on. He wants to invest in it, because in his own words “I know it will change lives”. Girl, when you gave that speech about how youths emancipating from foster care and juvenile facilities don’t have anywhere to go as well as no resources, you struck a chord with a lot of people. So what do you think?

I couldn’t believe what Christina was telling me. Because out of all people to meet up with me, Kareem!! Don’t get me wrong he’s very handsome, but I wouldn’t know how to conduct myself in a professional manner to someone who is handsome and single with any children. The man does a lot for the community from fundraising to volunteering at local shelters. “Joyce!” screamed Christina as she interrupted my thought process. I shook my head, looked at Christina, and responded “I have to think about it, because what man would say he would like to invest in it, because it will change lives. Something is not adding up. And how did you even have a conversation with Kareem?”

“Ugh, you working my nerves Joyce. You are so stubborn! Don’t worry about how I was able to have a conversation with Kareem” said Christina with her hands on her hip feeling annoyed. Knock, knock, knock! Christina and Joyce looked at each other wondering who would be knocking on their two bedroom apartment around 4pm in the evening. They were not expecting any visitors and they normally don’t answer the door. Joyce tiptoed across the living room window to peek out the curtains who was at the door. When she saw who was at the door, she couldn’t believe her eyes, she felt so speechless that she couldn’t turn around and look at Christina who keeps whispering “Who’s at the door”. Joyce stomach felt like it was tied into a knot as if she wanted to faint, “but what good would that do” she thought. “I need to come up with a plan on how to handle this” Joyce kept saying to herself in her mind while ignoring Christina who is starting to feel impatient. Christina started to walk to the door, but Joyce in her stern voice “Don’t you dare open that door until I have a quick plan in place. Just be patient! Goodness Christina!”

Stay tuned! Continue to be encouraged, uplifted, safe, and so much more positive energy!



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