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Good Afternoon Loves,

How are each of you? I hope you are enjoying some sunshine. Pennsylvania is currently 52 degrees, snow are melting. I so look forward to the beautiful warm weather.

My last two posts were just I writing; something to keep me busy. However I am back to providing encouragement and sharing my wisdom. That is something that will never depart from Deaf Sunshine. So much has transpired, but that’s not new because we will always have something transpiring in our lives whether good or bad.

I continue to meet with key people to bring the business to fruition. In case you are wondering what business. I’m in the business of human service. My vision and dream is to build a homeless shelter for young adults emancipating from foster care and juvenile facilities. My heart had been in this for a long time because I was once a youth in foster care through no fault of my own. It has taught me a lot of things especially to have a caring, loving and forgiving heart. I’m very slow to anger. Each day I challenge myself to model the ways of God’s characteristics towards us. I continue to read my Bible daily. I’m currently in Second Kings in which King Solomon had died. It’s unfortunate that he let his strange wives turn him away from the Lord. However I admired his wisdom. Every day I continue to ask for wisdom something that I’ve been doing for a long time. I realized that we are given wisdom through the things we go through in life. Other times we are given the words to say through the Spirit man within us. Anyhow I supplement my reading with Proverbs in addition to Romans 8:24-28.

A friend reached out to me yesterday and said she came across her reading Proverbs 17:17 “A friend loves at all times and a brother is born in adversity”. I read the scripture before but didn’t realize the meaning of it until yesterday when she sent me the scripture. I looked up the scripture and said wow because it was just what I needed at the time due to I being exposed to so much from people running me under the bus and how God is elevating me pass people who does not have my best interest at heart. Last week was a time of testing my faith, yesterday was the last straw which I felt was needed to take place in order for me to get to the next chapter of my life and to be ready for God to pour His bountiful blessings upon my children and I.

I prayed last night with my heavy heart and asked God to make some sense to me of why things were happening. I wasn’t upset, I knew it was time to let go so that I could be better and focus on my fasting and being healthy.

So this morning I woke up feeling so good and refreshed. I took my children to school, went to get my blood work done then came home to wash dishes and mop all the floors in my house. I ate my salad and took my vitamins. Now I’m writing a post before I go to the food pantry to get some food for my house. I’m not ashamed to share my struggles, because I am the witness that the world desperately needs. We all are able ministers of the spirit to give life. Everyone is looking for love in the wrong places instead of loving themselves. Each of us need to challenge ourselves to display the loving characteristics of our Lord.

If you are holding onto something whether it be your significant other, stressful job, certain friends, your place of living, etc because of fear that you don’t think your life can get any better than what it is now. LET GO because it’s detrimental to your wellbeing. It’s not worth the stress and pain. There is plenty for you outside of that baggage that’s holding you down! You just have to have faith and believe that you will get through it. It maybe hard at first but remember hard times don’t last forever. And know that anything that comes your way was meant to come your way because you were built to get through it. Maybe you haven’t tapped into that inner strength that you didn’t know that you had. Always remember the lesson behind each trial and tribulation.

Lastly it’s okay to elevate and outgrow people to better yourself. People who you thought were your friends and did something foul were never your friends to begin with. They just wanted a closer seat at the table to see your struggles so they can run off and tell your business. But remember they served their purpose in your life in order for you to get to the next chapter in your life. Many will become your footstool! So don’t be bitter, instead walk with your head held up high knowing that you are on your way to the TOP!! We don’t go through struggles and pain for nothing! So tell yourself “I’m gone come out on top”!

Until the next post stay encouraged uplifted and of sound mind.



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