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Dear Diary

Good Morning Loves, How are you this morning? How have your week started off? Has anything new occurred since the last post? I hope you are energized this morning. I hope your week had started off on a good note. Since the last post, I hope you've had some awesome days. As for me, my… Continue reading Dear Diary

Encouragement, Family, Mothering, Reflection

How to Challenge an “Indicated” CPS Report and Knowing Your Rights!

Good Evening Loves, Have you ever became frustrated, overwhelmed, or stressed out when faced with a cps investigation and/or charge? It is totally understandable especially with a high rate of children being removed from the home even over the smallest thing. Relationships between Child Protective Services (CPS) and the community are very strained similar to… Continue reading How to Challenge an “Indicated” CPS Report and Knowing Your Rights!

Encouragement, Family, Mothering, Reflection

The truth will set you free!

For a whole week the word "abandonment" had triggered some of my repressed feelings that I thought I've gotten over. I could never understand how it affected me so much until another person said they felt abandoned by me. It really had put me in a different perspective in regards to thinking about my conduct.… Continue reading The truth will set you free!