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More Gifts?

Hi Loves, How are you this evening? How is the weather treating you or better yet how is life treating you? How have you been mentally, emotionally, and physically all this week? As for me, I'm relaxing this evening so I decided to do a blog. Today the weather was 54 degrees and it actually… Continue reading More Gifts?

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Dear Diary

Good Morning Loves, How are you this morning? How have your week started off? Has anything new occurred since the last post? I hope you are energized this morning. I hope your week had started off on a good note. Since the last post, I hope you've had some awesome days. As for me, my… Continue reading Dear Diary

Encouragement, Faith, Reflection

Emotional Roller Coaster

Hi Loves, How are you feeling? How is your Monday going? How's the weather in your town? Have you been living your best life? I hope you are feeling amazing and striving for better in your life. Hope your Monday has been unexpected with good surprises or a day full of lessons. Lastly hopefully Mother… Continue reading Emotional Roller Coaster