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Transformation of the mind

Good Afternoon, I know it's been a few days that has passed since the last post. I was in surgery, not medical surgery but spiritual surgery of the mind. I was undergoing a transformation of my mind. I'm currently still in recovery from the surgery. During the surgery, my mind was being disciplined. I had… Continue reading Transformation of the mind

Encouragement, Reflection

Think about what you are thinking about.

The title above is very profound to me when I had came across it during I reading a book to keep me encouraged. I realized I've never took time to think about what I'm thinking about. I think of many other things but never of what I think about. While reading a book by Joyce… Continue reading Think about what you are thinking about.

Encouragement, Health, Reflection

Be Patient With Yourself!

Good morning! It's a blessing to wake up this morning to enjoy life once again. When I woke up, I said a brief thanks to God for waking my family and I this morning. As I was thinking about my life and what is currently transpiring, I realized that my family and I are blessed.… Continue reading Be Patient With Yourself!