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Emotional Roller Coaster

Hi Loves, How are you feeling? How is your Monday going? How's the weather in your town? Have you been living your best life? I hope you are feeling amazing and striving for better in your life. Hope your Monday has been unexpected with good surprises or a day full of lessons. Lastly hopefully Mother… Continue reading Emotional Roller Coaster

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Good Morning Loves, How did you sleep? Did you have so much on your mind? Were you contemplating on a lot of things especially with the holidays coming up? I hope you were able to get some sleep. Remember a few posts ago, "Think about what you're thinking" I talked of not letting your mind… Continue reading December

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This Too Shall Pass!

Greetings My Loves, How have each and everyone of you have been doing? How was your Thanksgiving if you celebrate it? I celebrated Thanksgiving as a way to show how grateful I am for everything that has transpired and will be transpiring in my life. However I've learned that for some especially Native Americans that… Continue reading This Too Shall Pass!